Cloud No Further a Mystery

conceal, hide - reduce from becoming witnessed or identified; "Muslim Gals hide their faces"; "conceal the money"

The yellow coloration is due to the presence of pollutants during the smoke. Yellowish clouds are a result of the existence of nitrogen dioxide and are sometimes found in urban regions with substantial air pollution stages.[117]

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Electronic migration is the process of changing broadcasting services offered on analog technological know-how with digital-based networks. The transition from analog tv to electronic tv is known as a electronic migration.

[71] Of these probable cumulonimbus-similar gatherings, lightning is the sole just one of such that requires a thunderstorm to generally be occurring considering the fact that it is the lightning that makes the thunder. Cumulonimbus clouds can variety in unstable airmass ailments, but are usually extra concentrated and rigorous when they're linked to unstable cold fronts.[fifteen]

The origin in the expression "cloud" are available within the Outdated English text clud or clod, this means a hill or maybe a mass of rock. All-around the beginning of the thirteenth century, the phrase arrived for use to be a metaphor for rain clouds, because of the similarity in physical appearance involving a mass of rock and cumulus heap cloud.

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A recently identified species of stratocumulus or altocumulus has actually been offered the title volutus, a roll cloud which will manifest in advance of a cumulonimbus development.[eighty two] There are a few volutus clouds that form for a consequence of interactions with unique geographical capabilities rather then which has a father or mother cloud.

alter, alter, modify - induce to change; make distinctive; result in a transformation; "The arrival on the automobile could possibly have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The dialogue has improved my serious about The problem"

In meteorology, a cloud is really an aerosol consisting of a visual mass of moment liquid droplets, frozen crystals, or other particles suspended during the ambiance of a planetary body or identical space.[1] Water or many other substances may perhaps compose the droplets and crystals.

Clouds of this framework have both of those cumuliform and stratiform properties in the form of rolls, ripples, or features.[31] They often form due to restricted convection within an otherwise generally stable airmass topped by an inversion layer.

) resembling the similar mountain ashes but obtaining bigger flowers and bigger edible fruit also : a connected Old Environment tree (

From your Cambridge English Corpus   Due to the fact this evaluate is computed from census data, it is affected by differences in enumeration errors and in mortality and migration

Another assortment, duplicatus (carefully spaced layers of exactly the same type, a single higher than another), is typically identified with cirrus of both of those the fibratus and uncinus species, and with altocumulus and stratocumulus of your species stratiformis and lenticularis. The range undulatus (aquiring a wavy undulating base) can occur with any clouds with the species stratiformis or lenticularis, and Service with altostratus.

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